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Find the Most Popular Toys for Christmas 2013

Christmas may still be two months away, but this is the perfect time to hit the stores. When you shop early, you avoid the long lines and the unbearable traffic. Best of all, no item on your list will be left unchecked. Planning ahead ensures that you get what your kids want before they sell out. Top new toys Christmas 2013 image

Each year, the world's biggest toy retailers such as Walmart, Toys R Us, and Amazon put out their list of what kids want for the Yuletide season. This year is no exception.

7 Most Popular Toys Christmas 2013

Here's a list of the hottest toys that are predicted to fly off the shelves this season. Kids all over the country want them so bad. So prepare your list, and then head over to the store.

Flutterbye Pink Flying Flower Fairy Doll

While Barbie is still a popular doll, many girls are looking for more features. Sure, there are dolls that talk, but none can fly like the Flutterbye Flying Flower Fairy Doll. Girls will definitely have a magical play-time moment with this flying doll.

Furby Boom Figure

The Furby enjoyed a surge in popularity last year. This year, it's predicted to be even more popular thanks to new interactive features. As if this is not enough to excite kids, there's an app that allows them to read Furbish words and hatch virtual Furblings.

Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo is the ideal gift for 4-year olds. Not only is this an adorable toy, but it can help develop your kid's interpersonal skills. When given a hug, Elmo hugs back. Also, Elmo can dance, sing, and even responds to lullabies!

LeapFrog LeapPad Learning Tablet

If your child loves watching videos on your iPad, the LeapFrog Learning Tablet is the perfect gift. Built especially for kids, this learning device is one of its kind. It teaches 11 pre-installed apps that provide a great educational and entertainment experience. 5.Christmas 2013 image hot toys

Zoomer Robot Dog

Does it feel early for your child to have a pet? Why not get him Zoomer? This robot dog does what a normal dog does - wag his tail, responds when his name is called, and even do tricks. Plus, a downloadable app can be help your child train him.

Sofia the First Talking Sofia Doll

Mattel has gained the rights to create Disney's newest princess, Sofia. Just like in the hit series, this doll can talk to animals. Included in the kit are three of her animal best friends - Clover (rabbit), Mia (bluebird), and Robin (robin).

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Blaster

Now, girls can be like Katniss Everdeen. It has a real bow action and can shoot darts to up to 75 feet. Other features of this toy include an accessory rail, an adjustable sight, and a removable dart storage.


When it comes to gifts, no one in the family is as expectant as the kids. On Christmas morning each year, they wake up early and expect to see neatly wrapped boxes with their names on them. And when it's time to open these presents, that indescribable look on their faces is simply priceless. That is, if you give them what they want. Fortunately, you have this list to guide you.

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